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#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Musikmesse Warm Up NAMM Team Visit Jon Hammond Band In Jazzkeller Jon's archive Youtube by Jon Hammond 
Frankfurt Germany -- musikmesse Warm Up Party,NAMM Team Visited 2nd set Jon Hammond Band in jazzkeller - cameos from Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM Show, Betty Heywood, Bernie Capicchiano from Australia - Musicians Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Tony Lakatos tenor sax, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ + bass on Hammond Sk1 - it was Jon's birthday, chocolate cake by Saray Pastanesi (Tulan) bakery on Mainzer Landstrasse Frankfurt, as seen on Jon Hammond Show MNN TV  #jazzkeller   #musikmesse   #NAMMShow   #HammondOrgan — with Jennifer Schiele, Giovanni Totò Gulino, Michael Falkenstein, Joe Berger, Tino Pavlis, musikmesse, Jazzkeller and Saray Pastanesi at Jazzkeller.

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Payphone Johnny!

Posted on November 15, 2017
#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Payphone Johnny! Jon's archive Payphone Johnny! - I'm the old king of the payphone, one of the last holdouts to get a cell phone - written in one of my favorite pay phones in NYC - Jon Hammond Photos by Elmar Lemes #ElmarLemes #WATCHMOVIE HERE: Payphone Johnny Musikmesse Warm Up Party In Jazzkeller Jon's archive Johnny musikmesse Warm Up Party in jazzkeller - Celebrating 31st consecutive year for Jon and Joe, and Jon's 64th birthday - original composition "Payphone Johnny" Peter Klohman t.s., Giovanni Totò Gulino d., Joe Berger g., Jon Hammond o.+b. - and Michael & Jenny with Leslie, many friends in the house! #Leslie #HammondOrgan #jazzkeller #musikmesse Producer Jon [...]
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#WATCHMOVIE HERE: For My Friends In The Nakamichi Audiophile Group Jon's archive by Jon Hammond

For my friends in the Nakamichi Audiophile Group: I used good old Maxell Type II cassette tapes for this live recording date I personally recorded on my Nakamichi 550, which I am the original owner purchaser of - I plunked down $550 cash for my Nak at Harvey Electronics on W. 45th Street NYC in 1976 - I made this recording with 3 Sennheiser microphones placed around the bandstand in the Ellington Room - the tune "No X-Cess Baggage Blues" I wrote for my friends at PIA Pakistan International Airlines - they very kindly let me take excess baggage on numerous flights I made with them out of John F. Kennedy International Airport - when you play Hammond Organ, it's impossible to travel light. I go way back with all of these fine musicians - that's Chuggy Carter on the percussion [...]
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Jon Hammond Show 1118

Posted on November 13, 2017
#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 1118 Jon's archive Youtube Vimeo Jon Hammond Show - Air Time: 01:30 AM on 11/18 - MNN TV Channel 1 - Music, Travel and Soft News - 34th year - Jon HammondManhattan Neighborhood Network - MNNFirst segment:The Czechoslovakian Salsa Song in Jazzkeller Hofheim - Jon Hammond Band annual Musikmesse-Session: Peter Klohmann t s, Giovanni Totò Gulino d, Joe Berger g, Jon Hammond o+b #HammondOrgan #Czechoslovakia #SaulSalsakovitch #HofheimamTaunus Second segment:Center Stage Lee Oskar Feature Jon Hammond Allstars Center Stage musikmesse Lee Oskar Feature on Jon Hammond Allstars Band "Lydia's Tune" written by Jon Hammond in Paris - Peter Klohmann tenor, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Joe Berger gitarre, Jon Hammond Sk1 organ + bass with photos by Andreas Meer at end ©JON HAMMOND [...]
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#WATCHMOVIE HERE: The Czechoslovakian Salsa Song In Jazzkeller Hofheim Jon's archive Youtube Vimeo Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
Topics Musikmesse Session, Saul Salsakovitch, Jazzkeller Hofheim, Hammond organ, Tenor Sax, Guitar, Drums, Hofheim am Taunus

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The Czechoslovakian Salsa Song in Jazzkeller Hofheim - Jon Hammond Band annual Musikmesse-Session: Peter Klohmann t s, Giovanni Totò Gulino d, Joe Berger g, Jon Hammondo+b 
#HammondOrgan #Czechoslovakia #SaulSalsakovitch #HofheimamTaunus 

Identifier TheCzechoslovakianSalsaSongInJazzkellerHofheim
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Musikmesse Session, Saul Salsakovitch, Jazzkeller Hofheim, Hammond organ, Tenor Sax, Guitar, [...]
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